GSO 300/1500 Deluxe

Type: Newtonian
Aperture: 12" (300mm)
Focal length: 1500mm
Extras: 3 side coolers, 1 rear cooler, electronic collimation, red-dot plus 8x50 finderscopes

Type: Newtonian
Aperture: 6" (155mm)
Focal length: 1110mm
Extras: I made both the primary mirror and the telescope myself. 98.6% strehl value.
Hama 114/900

Type: Newtonian
Aperture: 4.5" (114mm)
Focal length: 900mm

Type: spotting scope
Aperture: 2.36" (60mm)
Magnification: 20-60x

Type: binoculars
Aperture: 2" (50mm)
Magnification: 10x

Type: binoculars
Aperture: 2" (50mm)
Magnification: 7x

Eyepieces and filters

Hover mouse over any eyepiece/filter to get some information about it.

GSO SuperView 30mm Baader Hyperion 21mm GSO SuperView 15mm Celestron X-Cel 10mm GoldLine 9mm GoldLine 6mm Planetary 5mm Planetary 4mm Planetary 3.2mm Planetary 2.5mm Celestron Omni 2x Barlow lens Meade 12mm Astrometric eyepiece Collimating eyepiece 5mW green laser pointer Unihedron Sky Quality Meter Celestron X-Cel 2.3mm

#8 Light Yellow #11 Yellow-Green #12 Yellow #56 Green #58A Dark Green #21 Orange #23A Light Red #25 Red #38A Dark Blue #47 Violet #80A Blue #82A Light Blue 15% Neutral 25% Neutral 30% Neutral Baader UHC-S O-III H-Alpha H-Beta UHC (2 inch) O-III (2 inch)